Day 3 Agenda

 5th Pacific Geospatial and Surveying Council Meeting

PGSC-5 DAY 3 – 13th August 2020

Venue: Virtual

Participation: By Invitation (Closed)

Rapporteur: PGSC Partnership Desk

Please note that these virtual sessions are available through ZOOM Application; Meeting ID and password will be provided by the meeting moderators. All meeting times are based on Fiji Local Time

Link Participants                                                                                Host: Andrick Lal, PGSC Partnership Desk
11.00 AM Welcome 

Endorsement of PGSC-4 Meeting Minutes

Adoption of Agenda

Rosamond Bing, PGSC Chair
11.15 AM PGSC Chairperson’s Report

2018-2019 Year in Review & Future Prospects; Business

Rosamond Bing, PGSC Chair
11.30 AM PGSC Strategy Review and Report

Monitoring and learning from regional progress against the PGSC Strategy 

Molly Powers-Tora, SPC
12.00 PM Pacific Geospatial and Surveying Council Election Rules & Conditions

Discussion and endorsement 

Dean Solofa, SPC


PGSC members and the Partnership Desk

12.30 PM Big Earth Data for Pacific SDGs 



Stuart Minchin, SPC
1.15 PM Land Motion in Pacific Island Countries  



Nicholas Brown, Geoscience Australia
2.00 PM Closing Andrick Lal, SPC