5th Pacific Geospatial and Surveying Council Meeting Papers

PGSC-5 DAY 1 – 11th August 2020
Venue: Virtual
Participation: Open
Rapporteur: PGSC Partnership Desk

Opening AddressesPacific Geospatial & Surveying Council ChairMs. Rosamond Bing | Download Presentation

Pacific Community (SPC) Director General  Dr. Stuart Minchin | View Video

United Nations – Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM)  Dr. Greg Scott

International Federation of Surveyors (FIG)  Professor Dr. Rudolf Staiger | View Video

Leadership, Resourcing & Communications – Mr. Vaipo Mataora, Cook Islands | Download Presentation

Positioning – Mr. Faatasi Malologa, Tuvalu | Download Presentation

Geospatial Policy & Data Management – Ms. Meizyanne Hicks, Fiji | Download Presentation

Capacity Development – Mr Viliami Folau, Tonga | Download Presentation

Activity report from the PGSC Partnership Desk – Mr. Andrick Lal, SPC | Dowload Presentation

PGSC Strategy and Capacity Report – Ms. Molly Powers-Tora, SPC | Download Presentation

Impacts of COVID-19: Challenges and Opportunities for Geospatial and Survey Professionals – Mr. CheeHai Teo, UN-GGIM | Download Presentation

PGSC-5 DAY 2 – 12th August 2020

PANEL 1: Geospatial & Remote Sensing Developments and Emerging Opportunities

Developing a Geodesy Thematic Layer for the IGIF: First Steps – Allison Craddock, International GNSS Service | Download Presentation

National Coordination of Seabed Mapping Activities: From Data Acquisition to Dissemination – Kim Picard, Geoscience Australia | Download Presentation

Group on Earth Observations (GEO) – Andrew Jones, Pacific Community | Download Presentation

Copernicus & Pacific-An overview – Astrid-Christina Koch, European Commission | Download Presentation

PANEL 2: Infrastructure Developments and Emerging Opportunities

UN-GGIM Sub-committee on Geodesy, Coordinated Positioning – Nicholas Brown, Geoscience Australia and Viliami Folau, Tonga | Download Presentation

Development of a geoid model for Majuro, Marshall Islands – David Dodd, IIC Technologies Limited, Australasia | Download Presentation

Pacific Sea Level & Geodetic Monitoring Project – GNSS CORS Infrastructure Upgrade — Ryan Ruddick, Geoscience Australia | Download Presentation

Fiji Geodetic Infrastructure and Campaign – Asakaia Tabua, Fiji Download Presentation

PANEL 3: Capacity Development and Emerging Opportunities

Surveyors Capacity Development Plan — Viliami Folau, Tonga | Download Presentation

Volunteerism: Project ideas and opportunities for Pacific Young Surveyors network – Chethna Ben, USP | Download Presentation

Geospatial at the University of the South Pacific – Nick Rollings, USP | Download Presentation

Survey Education at the Fiji National University – Rohitesh Prasad, FNU | Download Presentation

Pacific GIS&RS User Conference – Wolf Forstreuter, Pacific GIS & RS Council | Download Presentation